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The American Civil War

One of the most famous beard events in American history is the Civil War. At every level of the war beardsmanship was testing its strength. On the political front Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, could not overpower Abraham Lincoln, one of the most famous beardsmen in America's history. On the battlefield General Robert E. Lee continually beat the McClellan moustache, as well as the fierce sideburns of General Ambrose Burnside. It was not until the Union army was reinforced with the massive beard of General Ulysses S. Grant that the North finally achieved it's victory in preserving the nation.

Ancient Greece

In ancinent Greece, the beard was seen as an emblem of wisdom and power. Beardsmen like Aristotle and Plato made some of the greatest advances in art, philosophy, and government based on the fundamental elements of beardsmanship. The Roman ruler Marcus Aurelius shows the lasting effect the Greek ideals of beards had. Aurelius reportedly made sure that every work of art depicting him displayed him with a thick full beard. He believed that this would help him to be remembered as a wise and noble leader.

Beardsmanship Exercise: Find Your Personal Beard History

A great way to develop your beardsmanship is to find your beard lineage. Look in your family history to find your bearded forefathers, and the way that beardsmanship influenced thier lives. There are many people who don't realize how much beards have been a staple in their family tree.

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