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The Basics of Beardsmanship

Much as the lions of Africa have an alpha male based on the stature of the lion’s mane, beardsmanship, in its simplest terms, is a code of ethics and social standing based upon a man/woman’s facial hair. The better one’s facial hair, the more superiority and influence he/she has. In contrast, those with meager facial hair should play a submissive and supportive role until the time their beard ability reaches a higher and more mature standing.

Guidelines for Practice

One of the difficult things about beardsmanship is that it only has general rules formed for superiority. The basic rule of thumb is: a full beard beats a goatee, a goatee beats a moustache, and a moustache beats sideburns. The problem is there are also levels, or classes, of each of the previously mentioned categories. For example when walking directly toward each other, the general rule would state that a goatee would have the right of way when confronted with sideburns. If, however, the goatee was a sparse, generic goatee, and the sideburns were reminiscent of Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States, the character of the sideburns would overpower the categorical rule of thumb. This is just one example demonstrating how proper beardsmanship is more of an art than a science. If confronted with a foreign situation, a beardsman should rely on instincts which are naturally instilled in all humans at birth.

The Psychology of Beards

The psychologist Sigmund Freud, an avid beardsman himself, explained the universal human concepts of the id (basic natural urges and instincts), the super ego (morals and society’s rules) and the ego (the mind’s function that tries to balance the two). Modern psychological science is finding that ideals of the beard are found in both the id and the super ego, making it one of the most powerful forces of the human psyche.

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